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December (2018) on Steam, Xbox One release date not yet announced.

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Virgo Vs The Zodiac is a sci-fi/fantasy JRPG inspired by the Mario and Luigi RPG series and the Mother RPG series in which you play as an obsessed villain. The game features traditional turn-based combat with real-time execution of moves: blocking, countering and timing your attacks carefully as well as predicting your foes' moves is essential to succeed in Virgo’s twisted and unforgiving cosmic quest to bring back the Golden Age, a period of peace, symmetry and balance, or so she thinks. In this galaxy where every action means a reaction, you’ll play as Virgo, the Holy Queen, often called Dreadful Queen by heretics, bringing mayhem to the Zodiac Realms and leaving a trail of stardust on the way, all to fit her excessively righteous worldview.


Moonana is a small indie game developer with a love for unique JRPGs and RPGs such as the Devil Survivor Saga, Disgaea, Earthbound, the Shin Megami Tensei series, the Mario RPGs and OFF. Nana, the creator of Moonana, started to work on games in 2016 participating in jams, and finished some little titles. Moonana started its first commercial title, Virgo Vs The Zodiac, development in January, 2017, with a demo released in May and the Steam page released in September, 2018.


  • Unforgiving timed-actions combat where all conflicts are lethal unless you protect yourself; precise timed attacks and blocks will bring an end to heresy.
  • Counter-Turn system: Any attack can be countered by a variety of equippable counter skills.
  • Spare enemies and make friends!
  • No random encounters: Battles fought are plot-relevant.
  • Non-self insert and overly villanious Main Character.
  • Unlikely friends and foes such as Goats, Save Dinosaurs and a Cookie Companion.
  • Choices matter in both story and gameplay: Spare those willing to give up, make unlikely friends, or execute them all, gain stats from choices to grow your character in hundreds of possibilities!
  • The Zodiac Qualities System, ruling over story routes, stats, choices, elements and many other aspects: All is connected in the Galaxy, as you make your decision to accept fate, or fight against it.
  • Rewards through exploration: As you delve into the most heretical star clusters of the galaxy, you'll find a vast amount of explorable areas brimming with interactive objects. Many choices that will impact the game can be brought up through world interaction and exploration.
  • Interact with different Zodiacs outside of the main quest within the Zodiac Memories.
  • Crafting and upgrading a multitude of items shareable between your party members, SHMUP minigames and you can also ride in Alpacas!


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Selected Articles

  • "It's a novel setting with an interesting anti-hero, but for me the real hook is its twitch-based, turn-based 2D combat and the visual flourish it brings with it."
    - Austin Wood, pcgamer.com
  • "Virgo VS The Zodiac features charming pixel art and turn based combat focused heavily on timing and guarding."
    - Marcus Estrada, hardcoregamer.com
  • "Purge Adorable Personified Zodiac Signs Of Their Sins In This Turn-Based RPG."
    - Joel Couture, siliconera.com
  • "The game feels like a badass Sailor Moon is going off to fight other evil members of the zodiac[...]"
    - Gavin Sheehan, bleedingcool.com

Monetization Permission

Moonana allows for the contents of Virgo vs the Zodiac to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Virgo vs the Zodiac is legally & explicitly allowed by Moonana. This permission can be found in writing at http://virgovsthezodiac.co.uk/press/sheet.php?p=virgo_vs_the_zodiac.

About Moonana

Moonana is a game development studio created by Nana. Virgo Vs The Zodiac, a timed-actions turn-based JRPG, is Moonana's first commercial project.

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